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Criminal Defense

As a former Deputy District Attorney and Deputy Public Defender, I have handled thousands of criminal cases ranging from misdemeanors to three-strikes cases and other serious/violent felonies, including attempted murder and serious sex crimes. I am also an experienced DUI and domestic violence defense attorney. I have assisted clients in drug court, domestic violence court, and veterans court. I also help clients address post-conviction issues, including violations of probation, appeals, and expungements. In the spirit of my prior public service, I also consider taking on "low-bono" cases already headed for trial.

Business Meeting

Civil Litigation

As a former corporate litigator at a prestigious "big law" firm, I helped large corporations battle other corporations. I now apply this background and these same skills to help people resolve disputes with businesses prior to a lawsuit or to litigate all the way through trial, if necessary. This background allows me to help individuals fight injustices against businesses that are taking advantage of them. I am also experienced in helping individuals in other civil (or quasi-civil matters), such as restraining orders.


Civil Rights and Personal Injury

I am an experienced plaintiff's attorney who has helped others seek justice for injuries caused by the negligence or wrongful conduct of others, including excessive force and police brutality by law enforcement and other serious misconduct, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and other cases in which a person has been injured or has died due to the fault, negligence, or misconduct of others. My experience in civil rights cases is also informed by my criminal defense practice in which I am in constant contact with law enforcement and am well aware of common problems involving the discovery of evidence.



I am a former Deputy District Attorney and Deputy Public Defender who has litigated thousands of cases, including misdemeanors and felonies. My background includes adult and juvenile cases, as well as serious and violent felonies, including attempted murder, sex crimes, and three-strikes cases. With these experiences, I know the criminal justice system from the inside out.

I am also an experienced civil litigator with a litigation background at a "big law" firm. I later switched sides to sue corporations and other entities or persons (including insurance companies, police departments, governments, and others) on behalf of individuals to obtain justice for my clients. I have seen how corporations and the government fight to protect their interests, and I use those same skills to protect individuals against the injustices inflicted upon them. 

I am a member of several prestigious trial and attorney organizations. I am admitted to practice in California. I graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with top honors from college. I later earned my MBA/JD from UCLA. I also have a graduate degree in communications from USC.


Client Testimonials
"Clayton is one phenomenal attorney! He is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! . . . He was VERY EXPERIENCED. He asked all the right questions to get to know me as an individual in efforts to allow him to defend me properly. . . . Any time of the day as long as he was available, he responded back when I had a question of concern or needed advice. . . . He looked for avenues seeking the best deal possible for me . . . I was able to walk away from what should’ve been a FELONY-hands down. . . but was plead out as a MISDEMEANOR. I am truly thankful that I followed my first mind and chose Clayton to be my attorney with this case!"

"Best Lawyer I have ever worked with and known. Clayton was very empathetic with my situation. Great at communicating! You don't even have to go searching for him cause he will make sure he keeps in contact with you daily and keep you updated. You won't ever have to question if he's actually taking your case serious or not. He's extremely fast and reliable. He does great with researching and making sure he has an answer for anything and everything. I couldn't have asked for more help. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone! Thanks again Clayton, you have been such an amazing help! 5 Stars!"

"Clayton hands down is the BEST lawyer I have ever came across. He takes his job EXTREMELY serious and will make sure he is detailed to the T with your case making sure he understand all aspects. He will also push you to make sure you are also staying on top with your case. You will never have to call him to understand where your case stands, he will make sure he reaches out with no hesitation. You can tell he is very serious about his job and I absolutely love that which made me feel very secure of knowing that he cared as much as me and if not even more. This is what makes a great lawyer with having a great relationship with his clients. I HIGHLY recommend him! If I could, I would give Clayton 10 stars for his service. Thank you again Clayton you are amazing! :)"

"When I first came in contact with this law firm, they told me everything that I needed to know, they were very attentive and had awesome communication skills off the bat. Mr. Robertson assisted me with my case and was very professional. He helped me out of the situation I was in with no hesitation and the case was successfully dismissed."

"My biggest compliment is Clayton's experience, knowledge, approach to issues, Intelligence & honesty. On a personal level I felt secure being represented by him. No matter what time/day he was always reachable & responded quickly to counsel or give advice, which is priceless when facing legal issues and emotions are high. He was firm and persistent, but most of all his service was above and beyond with passion and dedication. We were able to resolve matters fairly. Thank you Clayton"

"Thank you Clayton. You have helped me tremendously with my case. Your time and effort didn't go unnoticed. Through every step of the way you were always thorough and made sure I understood what exactly was going on. 10/10 I will recommend you to anyone for your great service."

"Clayton is an amazing attorney, his vast knowledge of the law, combined with his commitment to his clients is exactly what you need when dealing with challenging issues. He is reliable, dedicated and professional at all times. If my need for legal services is required in the future, Clayton would be the first Attorney I call."

Select Criminal Case Results

Felony Drug Possession for Sales and Possession of Firearm -- DISMISSED
Felony Marijuana Cultivation -- REDUCED TO MISDEMEANOR (NO JAIL)
Felony Lewd Act Involving a Minor -- NO CHARGES FILED
Felony Forcible Sexual Conduct -- PRE-FILE INTERVENTION (NO CHARGES FILED)
Misdemeanor DUI and Two Counts of Child Endangerment -- REDUCED TO DUI ONLY

Felony Forcible Sexual Assault -- PRE-FILE INTERVENTION (NO CHARGES FILED)
Felony and Misdemeanor Drugs / Firearm -- REDUCED TO A SINGLE MISDEMEANOR (NO JAIL)
Felony Domestic Violence -- NO CHARGES FILED
Misdemeanor Possession of Concealed/Loaded Firearm in Public -- DIVERSION WITH DISMISSAL

Misdemeanor Child Endangerment -- PRE-FILE INTERVENTION (NO CHARGES FILED)
Felon in Pos
session of Firearm -- REDUCED TO MISDEMEANOR
Misdemeanor Domestic Violence -- DEFERRED DISMISSAL
Misdemeanor Hit and Run (Arrested as Felony Hit and
Misdemeanor Domestic Violence -- PRE-FILE INTERVENTION (NO CHARGES FILED)

Select Civil Case Results
Nursing Program Application With Licensing Implications -- SUCCESSFULLY RESOLVED
Contract Litigation Dispute -- RESOLVED AMICABLY
Domestic Violence Restraining Order Petition Against Client -- DISMISSED
Civil Harassment Restraining Order Petition Against Client -- DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE

Title IX and Related Grievance Against Client -- RESOLVED WITHOUT DISCIPLINE OR PROS

Other Case Results
Negotiated With CA Attorney General's Office Re Client's Hunger Strike -- SUCCESSFULLY RESOLVED
Prejudicial Articles About Client On Online Media Sites -- SUCCESSFULLY REMOVED
Inflammatory Facebook Post By Sheriff's Office About Client -- SUCCESSFULLY REMOVED




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