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The "Good Fight"

Clayton T. Robertson (Criminal Defense / Civil Litigation Attorney)

A smart, experienced attorney who knows how to fight for you is the ideal combination . . . .*

"A good fight? You think I’m going into court to make a fucking statement? You think Shu gives a shit if we go down, but go down nobly? This is a man looking at 40 years of hard time. He could have had a deal and been out in five but he bet it all on me. Don’t give me that liberal yuppie bullshit about a good fight. This isn’t fucking Yale. A good fight is one you WIN."

- Attorney Eddie Dodd (from the film True Believer)

(The character of Eddie Dodd is based on real-life Bay Area defense attorney Tony Serra.)

* Legal outcomes are not guaranteed. Each case is different. Please consult an attorney about your specific situation.


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