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Helpful Criminal Defense (and Related) Links

Updated: May 1, 2021

By Clayton T. Robertson (Criminal Defense Attorney)

I intend to add a "Resources" page to this site, but in the meantime, the following are several potentially helpful links to criminal defense or related court (or state bar) resources. These links are for informational purposes only. You may need to consult with an attorney to address the specific facts and legal issues for your case.

Please note: The content of these various sites is the responsibility of the sites, not this blog.

State Bar of California:

State Bar of California (Including Attorney Search and Other Resources):

Pro-Bono Legal Directories:

California Pro-Bono Directories and Resources: and

You can also consult your various local county bar associations for their pro-bono legal services. For example, for Alameda County, California:

Bar Associations:

Legal Terms:

Glossary of Legal Terms (Federal):


California Judicial Council Forms (Multiple Subject Areas):

Law Libraries:

Trainings & Guides:

Judicial Council of California Online Trainings and Guides:

Criminal Law Overview:

California Courts Criminal Law Overview:

Jury Instructions:

California Criminal Jury Instructions (2021):

Collateral Consequences:

Collaborative Courts:

California Collaborative Justice Courts:


Department of Motor Vehicles:

Inmate Locator:

California CDCR Inmate Locator:

Federal Bureau of Prisons:

Legal Research (Free):

Additional Legal Materials:


Prison Law (Including Habeas Corpus Manual):


Prosecutorial Resources:

Inquisitive Prosecutor Guides (Helpful to Defense Attorneys):

California Codes/Statutes:

Court Decisions (California):

California Appellate Court Decisions:

California Supreme Court Decisions:

Appeals (Criminal):

Central California Appellate Program: and

United States Courts:

U.S. Courts Main Page:

United States Courts Links:

U.S. Department of Justice Resources:

United States Department of Justice (DOJ) Publications (Federal):

United States DOJ Criminal Manual (Federal):

U.S. Supreme Court Decisions:

United States Supreme Court Opinions:

Criminal Defense Organizations:

California Public Defenders Association (CPDA):

California DUI Lawyers Association:

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL):

Federal Defenders:


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